The £29 Billion Bottle-Neck, Companies Can No Longer Afford to Dismiss

The Hard Facts

Sickness absence now costs UK businesses an estimated £29 billion each year - with the average worker taking 6.6 days off each year due to sickness.

Estimates show that an average London firm of 250 employees loses around £250,000 a year due to ill health.

Even more worrying than all this, is the new research on presenteeism, which estimates account for up to 50% MORE working time lost, than absenteeism.

Do Wellness Programs Work? 

The ERS “Health at Work Report” which outlined 13 employer wellness programs showed reduced sickness absence in 82% of programs.

This made a significant positive contribution economically via reduced overtime payments, temporary recruitment and permanent staff payroll.

Bespoke Wellness For Your Company

CEO Fits unique approach to Wellness in the Workplace provides be-spoke programs to meet individual company needs that gets the best for your business and each individual employee.

How We Do It

We do this by providing you with a framework (the PERFECT 10 which gives you the freedom to be your BEST. This enables you to get the most out of the program and your working day. 

“The 6 week Workplace Wellness Challenge has really helped our small team become more aware of the impact small daily changes can have on individuals health, well-being, productivity & effectiveness. 

Our team found the PERFECT10 compliance tracker very useful & easy to follow. The short 18 minute workouts were very manageable too. 

We would highly recommend Matt & Sam to any company looking to create more energy, health & team engagement.

Emma Wynne - Gateway HR

A Word From Matt & Sam, the Founders of CEO Fit...

“We start all our projects by asking, "How can we create VALUE and IMPACT for those we work with?"

Our mission for your business is to help it thrive by over-coming the common issues of absenteeism, low morale and presenteeism."

Let us help you create an environment of energy, engagement and a culture of health & wellness.”



In this 60 minute presentation you will learn:

  • How just 3 new DAILY HABITS can TRIPLE your Health, Happiness & Productivity
  • The power of sleep, breathing & rest done properly 
  • Actionable strategies & frameworks that your team can implement to see immediate results

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